Being bulletproof is one of the reasons to own the HONOR X9b

The HONOR X9b is bulletproof, and this was showcased during an exclusive media preview at the Nemesis Legion Paintball Academy.

During this showcase, the smartphone was given an all-out paintball shooting experience on the latest HONOR X9b’s toughness.

More than 80 individuals participated in firing a total of 2,500-paintball bullets right straight at the HONOR X9b.

After the ordeal, the HONOR X9b emerged unscathed, showcasing its exceptional durability and making a compelling statement about its resilience against bullets.

The X9b was also tested against wooden boards with the phone successfully shattering a total 200 pieces of wooden boards.

The HONOR X9b is expected to be launched soon, and here’s another five reasons to eagerly anticipate the HONOR’s All-angle Ultra Tough smartphone.

  • 360° Device Toughness
  • 3-Level Protection
  • Advanced Cushioning materials
  • SGS-Certified Durability
  • 365 Days Front and Back Crack Replacement