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Alcatel smartphone Series

Alcatel launch three new series at CES 2018

As you may know already, the CES, or in full Consumer Electronics Show 2018, is now happening and a brand which used to be a household name in the mobile phone industry is introducing three new series which lives up to the current 18:9 full view display trend.

While the final specifications of all three series are yet to be made public, at least until the Mobile World Congress next month, the three smartphone series known as Alcatel 5 Series, Alcatel 3 Series and Alcatel 1 Series is still interesting because Alcatel hasn’t been heard of in the smartphone industry much of late.

According to BGR, the most premium series of the three would be the Alcatel 5 Series, and it will feature a metal design with face unlock capabilities.

The Alcatel 3 Series on the other hand would be the targeting those favouring larger screen and high resolution displays as it has bigger displays, dual cameras and a shinny back.

The cheapest of the three series by Alcatel would be the Alcatel 1 Series which would cost not more than USD100, in which Alcatel claims would be for emerging markets and would come in uni-body form factor.

I’m always interested and keen to see new smartphones particularly from smaller players, and I frankly can’t wait to see what Alcatel has in store for these newly launched models in the coming Mobile World Congress.