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Ulefone Mix
The Ulefone Mix teaser. //Photo credit: Ulefone

Ulefone tease Ulefone Mix with full display

Looks like Ulefone has no plans to remain lagging behind as after just a few weeks of my review of the Ulefone T1, the Chinese smartphone maker has teased a new smartphone model.

The model, known as the Ulefone Mix is their up-coming offering, and I bet it is going to use the Xiaomi Mi Mix, or Xiomi Mi Mix 2 as a bench mark  in terms of specification.

This is given the fact that Ulefone seems to be keen on comparing their latest models with Xiaomi’s.

According to the teaser photo released by Ulefone on their social media accounts, the Ulefone Mix would be a bezel-less smartphone with full display.

The image as you see above, shows the phone with what seems to be a curved screen, with the front camera placed at the bottom, nearby the main button, mimicing the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

There’s little details about the Ulefone Mix for now, but I do expect it to feature quick charge capabilities, a fingerprint scanner, a powerful dual-camera option, and at least 64GB worth of storage.  This may also be Ulefone’s flagship phone with the most expensive price to date.

Ulefone in their teaser said that the Ulefone Mix would be released mid this month, so we all don’t have to wait long for the new smartphone, which trust me, would be a really exciting thing. –