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Galaxy Fold redesign

The Galaxy Fold redesign is coming

The Galaxy Fold redesign will be ready for consumers soon as Samsung announces they are prepared to relaunch the device starting September.

The Korean company had announced the completion of its redesign.

It said that the fold-able smartphone will be available to consumers from September this year in selected markets.

I am personally unsure which are the selected markets, but details should follow as the relaunch draws near.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced with plenty of fanfare earlier this year but problems with the test unit shipped to reviewers caused indefinite delays to the phone.

One of the biggest issues was the screen built and this was covered in length by many reviewers.

Samsung Galaxy Fold redesign

Samsung now claims that they had now improved the Infinity Flex Display set-up.  The new protective layer that was the main cause of the problem now exceeds the bezels to make sure consumers do not remove it as before.

Also strengthened are the top and bottom hinge area with a newly added protection caps. with the space between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold reduced.

The Galaxy Fold was priced at €1,999, and I don’t expect those figures to change despite the redesign.

Either way, the phone is a revolutionary gadget and if you are one of those who likes something fresh, the price tag wouldn’t be a stumbling block.

For me, €1,999 is way off my budget.