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Yoodo launch

Not satisfied with your data mobile plan? Try Yoodo!

When it comes to choosing a mobile plan, or a telco for that matter, it always comes down to coverage, how much of a...
iPhone X Malaysia Price

3 Malaysian telcos would carry the iPhone X in Malaysia for now

Despite the problems plaguing the iPhone X, there is definitely many out there, especially hard core Apple iPhone fans just waiting to have the...
iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus

Official prices and locations you can get the iPhone 8 in Malaysia

If you are one of the many keen to get the iPhone 8, then this is news for you as the official prices for...
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 look

Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note8 now for RM238/month

Remember I talked about the EasyPhone loan by Xpax a few weeks back? I am not sure when this started, but their website today is...
Xpax EasyPhone

XPAX EasyPhone: A loan for smartphones

With the increase of smartphone prices, especially flagship ones, Celcom XPX yesterday announced the Xpax EasyPhone™ For Prepaid. The plan is a low monthly installment...