HONOR Magic5 available with telco deals from RM41/month

The HONOR Magic5 is now available through major telco in Malaysia which are offering the smartphone with special deals.

The smartphone which offers top-of-the-line features such as a 5100mAh battery, Millisecond Falcon Capture Camera, and the best-in-class eye comfort display. is available through telco postpaid plans from Digi, Celcom or Maxis.

Interestingly, those getting the smartphone via these telcos will get 1 year extended warranty and 180 days screen crack protection.

Such offers are available through the following deals.

Maxis HONOR Magic5 deals

Maxis is now offering the HONOR Magic5 at only RM 78/month on Maxis Zerolution with Maxis Postpaid.

Digi HONOR Magic5 deals

For Digi subscribers, the HONOR Magic5 is available on Digi’s PhoneFreedom 365 from as low as RM 41/month. 

Celcom HONOR Magic5 deals

Meanwhile, Celcom subscribers can take home the HONOR Magic5 for RM 1,299 with Celcom MEGA Postpaid.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro is better

Of course if you want something better than the Magic5, you should opt for the Magic5 Pro which offers better perks.  The HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone is also available via special telco deals as well.

The Magic5 Pro has a better camera system, bigger screen, reversable charging, eSIM support and more.

Reviews and links to the Magic5 Pro can be seen below.