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HONOR Trade-in Program offers extra RM300 rebate for used smartphones

The HONOR Trade-in Program was announed today, catering for those who are interested to obtain the HONOR Magic Series.

The Trade-In Program allows prospectful Magic Series smartphone owners to trade-in their old smartphones and receive an additional instant rebate of RM300 on the purchase of the new HONOR Magic5 Series.

This means one would get an extra RM300 on top of the smartphone they trade in for the Magic Series they purchase.

This trade-in offer is available at the HONOR Experience Store, Senheng, or Urban Republic, and it is considered a limited-time offer.

Based on the poster shared, the trade-in service under this program is possible thanks to CompAsia, which is a company popular for second hand tech items.

General HONOR Trade-in Program details

The program receives any smartphone with a huge range of smartphones made available for trade-in with pre-set prices of trade in.

Trade in value of the used smartphones start at RM10, and go up until RM4,435.

Interestingly, the trade-in allows one to accumulate the value of up to five smartphones.  However, if the value of the trade-in exceeds the price of the Magic Series smartphone, the excess will not be refunded.

The prices and offer above however is only valid until 30 June 2023.

For more details on the trade in, as well as the HONOR Magic5 Pro, you can visit the links below.