HONOR Malaysia confirms Magic V2 launch

HONOR Malaysia has confirmed it will be launching the HONOR Magic V2, acclaimed as the world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone this month.

Since its successful launch in China last July, the HONOR Magic V2 has garnered immense anticipation and excitement among global tech enthusiasts, with Malaysians eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Ahead of the HONOR Magic V2 official launch in Malaysia, HONOR hosted an exclusive media event today to unveil the device and demonstrate its lightweight features.

This indirectly means the smmartphone will likely be launch to the public very soon, likely this month.

Magic V2 Highlights

The HONOR Magic V2 is the first foldable phone with a thickness below 1cm when folded, making it the Best Choice of New Era in smartphone design, a true testament to HONOR’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

Specifically, the HONOR Magic V2 has an ultra-slim body measuring just 9.9mm when folded and an astonishing 4.7mm when unfolded , equivalent to the thickness of three stacked credit cards.

It weight just 231g , lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

The groundbreaking device is crafted to offer unparalleled functionality and a sleek, sophisticated design that is unrivaled in the market.

Inside this thin smartphone, HONOR had packed a 5,000mAh battery, wiwth an ultra-thin vapor chamber (VC) called HONOR Ultra-thin Bionic VC Cooling System to cool down the devices processor.

It also comes with an ultra-thin antenna, which features a three-millimeter-thin design.

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