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ZOWIE Announces Their First TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ Gaming Monitor XL2566K

ZOWIE recently had announced their First TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ Gaming Monitor XL2566K.

The device is their latest flagship model that offers competitive gamers optimized smoothness and fast response with the exclusive DyAc⁺™ technology on top of 360Hz refresh rate on a TN panel, XL2566K provides an overall clearer motion clarity than the market’s offerings in its class.

DyAc⁺™ on XL2566K makes vigorous in-game actions such as spraying clearer than DyAc⁺™ on XL2546K, which is a former model of the same series.

The clarity helps gamers see the position of the enemy during fast movements or fast-moving targets more easily and notice the bullet trajectory more clearly which can help with recoil control and aim.

Compared to typical IPS 360Hz displays, DyAc⁺™ on a TN 360Hz panel provides clearer and sharper outlines of overall moving images, helping you focus and have less distractions from the unwanted afterimage of the motions in-game.

Images below compare the differences between the new XL2566K and its predecessors.

Comparison between XL2566K and XL2546K.
Comparison between TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ and IPS 360Hz no DyAc⁺™

In addition, the new XL2566K has inherited XL-K series advantage as well.

This feature provides players a comfortable and convenient playing experience with customizable features, smaller base and height adjustable screen which allows players to not only get more space to play but perform with the monitor at their desired viewing angles with ease.

It also comes with the latest XL Setting to Share software that makes saving of video profiles prompt and sharing convenient, through a simple user interface.

The ZOWIE XL2566K TN 360Hz DyAc⁺™ can be bought from BenQ’s official online stores on Shopee and Lazada.