Yoodo users can now test out their 5G network

Yoodo announced that it is the first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to roll out 5th generation wireless technology – more commonly known as 5G for all its users.

According to the company, Yoodoers with an Android 5G-supported device and subscription to 5G pass are entitled to enjoy free trials from 15th February onwards until further notice.

According to a statement sent to us, Yoodo’s Head of Yoodo Chow Tuck Mun said that the company is excited being the first to offer high-speed internet to its users.

He said that this milestone represents their continuous effort to provide advance communication services to their users.

To access free 5G trial services on Yoodo, users can subscribe to any high-speed data plan (30 days) from 10GB to 200GB.

Yoodo’s 5G roaming service is also currently available in more than 10 countries.

As of now, 5G is only available for Android devices only but Yoodo is working on offering 5G for iOS devices in the near future.

On another matter, Yoodo has made it even more convenient for users to purchase its SIM packs.

Yoodo SIM packs are now available at 75 Xpress Point, and Caltex across Peninsular Malaysia.