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vivo expands its global production base

vivo today announced that it has expanded its global manufacturing network by establishing production bases in Pakistan and Turkey.

vivo says the move shows its commitment of strengthening its footprint across the globe in line with its “More Local, More Global” strategy. This is in line withh the company’s intention to boost localized production while deepening vivo’s roots in international markets.

The Pakistan venture will see the 16,000 square-meter facility having eight assembly lines that offers an annual production capacity of 6 million smartphones.

vivo said that they invested $10 million to build the production base in Pakistan, in which this will create more than 1,500 local jobs locally.

Turket’s 12,000 square-meter facility on the other hand is aimed at producing 5 million units each year, and the cost invested in the facility is double the size of what was used in Pakistan.

The production capacities of these two new bases correspond to cover the consumer base of local markets.

In addition to the newly inaugurated facilities in Pakistan (Faisalabad) and Turkey (Kocaeli), vivo’s manufacturing network includes production bases in China(Dongguan, Chongqing), India (Greater Noida), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Indonesia (Tangerang), which can combine to produce nearly 200 million units per year.