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OnePLus 5T front and back

The new OnePlus 5T is the best yet, but then, sorry Malaysians

The OnePlus 5T was officially launched yesterday, and the most exciting thing about it to me is how this new 'flagship killer' smartphone retained...
OnePlus 5T unboxed. / Photo by PhoneArena

Here’s pictures and confirmed specifications of the new OnePlus 5T

The official launch of the OnePlus 5T is still days away, but there's already an unboxing image of the phone, and it looks pretty...
OnePlus 5 back phone

Whoops! Actually, OnePlus 5T will be revealed on Nov 16

The difficult thing about writing about technology and leaks of coming models is that nothing is really set in stone until the technology is...
OnePlus logo

The next flagship killer is coming after Nov 20th

There has been a lot of reports that the OnePlus 5 is running out of stock in markets it serves, with reports saying that...