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Alcatel slashes their smartphone price to RM99 for 12.12

Alcatel has decided to slash their prices for the 12.12 celebration with two smartphones going really cheap for their specifications. The two smartphones that would...

Alcatel promotion 2018 sees smartphone price slashed up to 40%

Alcatel would be offering three of their smartphones for an Alcatel promotion 2018 on a discount for the 11.11 Sales. According to Alcatel, they are...

Affordable yet premium Alcatel 5V now available in Malaysia

The Alcatel 5V flagship phone was launched offering an entirely reimagined smartphone portfolio delivering high-end features including a stunning edge-to-edge screen at an affordable...
Alcatel smartphone Series

Alcatel launch three new series at CES 2018

As you may know already, the CES, or in full Consumer Electronics Show 2018, is now happening and a brand which used to be a...