Samsung’s next TWS will be called Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Buds

Samsung has been making true wireless earbuds (TWS), and their next earbuds will be called the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

According to The Verge, Samsung had already filed in necessary regulatory paperwork with the FCC for its new true wireless earbuds with the documentation showing the name itself.

The Buds Pro FCC filing doesn’t reveal too much more about earbuds, but it does show an image of the regulatory label.

This label offers a preview of the charging case’s shape and it does appear that the case from the Galaxy Buds Live than the Galaxy Buds Plus is identical to the one prepared for the Buds Pro.

Rumours suggest that the Galaxy Buds Pro will have active noise cancellation and it will likely have a similar shape to the Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung Buds Pro
The FCC filing by Samsung

The new set of Buds Pro is also expected to be released next year, so there’s quite a bit of wait if one wants to get these newly minted pair Buds Pro.

That said, if you aren’t ready to wait for the new Buds Pro, Samsung’s older, but still reliable Buds Plus and Buds Life are both still available at discounted prices during this Christmas season. You can check the deals available here.