realme tease 5th Anniversary Leap Up Products

As mentioned prior to this, realme will be set to unveil a series of exclusive 5th Anniversary Leap Up Products, which encapsulate its new brand focus ‘Leap Up’.

The company in a press release explains that ‘Leap Up” carries a simple meaning: to move with focus, ensuring all leaps taken will bring realme to higher peaks.

The company which was named the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand for four consecutive quarters and was ranked 7th in the global smartphone market currently is the fifth biggest smartphone vendor in Malaysia with an 18% market share.

That said, the company will introduce a series of exclusive devices dubbed 5th Anniversary Leap Up Products in coming weeks as it’s 5th anniversary approaches.

Details on what will be released remains unknown, but realme in their press release said that it intends to write a new chapter in its story of bringing leap-forward technologies and design to its young consumers, while it will continue to embrace the spirit of Dare to Leap and carry forward its commitment to providing leap-forward products.