OPPO launch IF x Reno Portrait Awards 2024

OPPO launched the imagine IF x Reno Portrait Awards 2024 (IF Photography Awards 2024) recently.

The awards is an APAC regional activity of its global mobile photography competition – the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards.

As OPPO opens this platform to encourage excellence in mobile photography, this yearly competition celebrates imagination and creativity through amazing photos captured with OPPO smartphones from around the world.

This year’s competition features Tina Signesdottir Hult, an internationally recognised art photographer and Hasselblad Master, as the esteemed judge.

Participants will have the chance to win a grand prize of USD 6,650 and opportunities for international exposure for their creative work.

More about the award

The theme for this year’s imagine IF x Reno Portrait Awards 2024 is ‘Stand Out, In Portrait’, encapsulating OPPO’s belief in the power of immortalising life’s iconic moments and milestones through the art of portraiture.

Every single snap captures not just an image but a story, freezing emotions in time and transforming them into timeless portraits that withstand the test of time.

This year’s IF Photography Awards 2024 include a grand prize of USD 1,400 for the 2 winners of the Portrait Master Prize.

Additionally, 3 Reno Master Prize and 5 Excellence Prize will be on offer, reflecting OPPO’s commitment to recognising a wide breadth of photographic talent.

Winners will receive generous prize money as well as opportunities for international exposure.

Submissions for the imagine IF x Reno Portrait Awards 2024 will be accepted from January 11 through March 31.

Submitted works are expected to align with the “Stand out, in Portrait” theme, capturing subjects naturally and authentically with rich emotions, compelling storytelling, and impact.

Last year, the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards attracted more than 700,000 entries from OPPO users based in 51 countries and regions.

As the only smartphone brand participating in Paris Photo 2023, OPPO also presented a series of exceptional images, including the works of world-class photographers and the winning works from the 2023 OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards, bringing the imagination and creativity of mobile photographers to a wider audience.

The OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2024 are now open for submissions until 23:59 UTC+8 on March 31, 2024.

For more information, please visit the official event website at https://imagine-if.oppo.com/en/activities-reno-portrait-awards-2024-apac/.