Maxis’ NeXT X1 smartphone comes good with 2 years warranty


Maxis has announced their second smartphone, the NeXT X1.  The smartphone comes bundled with 6GB worth of internet, 50 minutes worth of talk time, and a two year on-on-one exchange warranty, which to me is pretty darn sweet.

Of course there’s a catch to it all, in which you need to have a 24-month contract with Maxis, and and you have to pay RM98/month during the whole duration of the contract.  The phone of course, comes free when you sign up.

The NeXT X1 promo banner
The NeXT X1 promo banner

In terms of specification, the NeXT X1 isn’t exactly top of the line, but if compared to other major brands, it is considered good.

The Snapdragon 435 Octa-core processor powers this 5.5-inch screen smartphone, with 3GB RAM accompanying the device.

It has only has a 32GB internal storage capacity, but a dedicated microSD cared slot enables you to bulk up your memory to 128GB.

At the rear of the NeXT X1, there’s a fingerprint scanner, and a 16MP single lens shooter with autofocus and an LED flash.  The front facing camera is a good 8MP shooter.

Powering up the NeXT X1 is a modest 3,000mAh battery which supports quick charge.

Maxis NeXT X1 launch
Maxis NeXT X1 launch

As I said above, the specifications of the NeXT X1 isn’t ground breaking or anything to shout about, but the two year warranty is a pretty sweet deal with one-on-one exchange.

For more details, check out  Maxis NeXT X1 page.