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Infinix launch NOTE 40 Series Racing Edition

Infinix recently launched the NOTE 40 Series Racing Edition which is crafted in partnership with BMW Group Designworks.

This edition sees the phone’s back cover colour, material, and finish (CMF) design influenced by the BMW Group Designworks, and is called Wings of Speed design.

It is designed for young tech enthusiasts, offering high-octane performance while reflecting passion for racing.

According to a press release by Infinix Malaysia, this special edition captures the essence of speed and legend with its unique back panel design and customised UI.

This is due to the use of premium composite materials that give the phone a glossy finish while keeping it lightweight.

The company explains that there is also a silver finish with metallic lustre which enhances the sense of lightness.

In addition, the iconic tri-color racing symbols on the frame beside the camera lens add a dynamic touch of colour.

The Racing Edition also includes exclusive wallpaper and UI, inspired by the energy of a racetrack. The Dynamic lines, racing symbols, and tri-color motifs combine to reflect the lightning pace of a race.

The NOTE 40 Series Racing Edition is available across the entire NOTE 40 lineup,including the NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G, NOTE 40 Pro 5G, NOTE 40 Pro, NOTE 40 5G, and NOTE 40 models.

Despite it’s change interfaced and design, things under the hood are similar to the standard Infinix NOTE 40 series smartphones.

The company said that this is the second collaboration between these industry leaders, hence showcasing Infinix’s commitment to pushing limits and embracing speed.

Availability and price of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series Racing Edition in Malaysia will be made soon but you can check Infinix latest promotions on their Official Infinix Shopee store.