HONOR Magic V2’s lightweight design takes centre stage at event

HONOR Malaysia officially announced the upcoming arrival of its highly anticipated flagship, the HONOR Magic V2 during a New Year celebration event with the media at Traders Hotel yesterday evening.

The announcement was done by HONOR Malaysia Country Director Justin Li, with Justin himself doing the demonstration in regards to the HONOR Magic V2 innovative lightweight design.

This is done by showcasing its ability to float on water using a normal A4 paper in which he placed the foldable phone on the paper in an aquarium filled with water, and allowed it to float to every one’s surprise.

The smartphone’s ability to float was said to be largely due to its weight which is just 231 grams.

in addition, the HONOR Magic V2 also boast an ultra-slim body measuring 9.9mm when folded, and 4.7mm when unfolded.

This makes it the world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone.

Media representatives also had the opportunity to experience floating the HONOR Magic V2 on water themselves during the event, with HONOR also showing the smartphone could be floated in air using helium balloons.