Highlights of Infinix GT 10 PRO

The Infinix GT 10 PRO has been said to be the perfect smartphone to carry the best titles in gaming such as MLBB, Free Fire, and PUBG.

This smartphone is poised to redefine the way we experience mobile gaming with five main highlights which are dedicated to mobile gaming.

Octa-Core Processor

At the heart of the GT 10 PRO lies the Dimensity octa-core processor, a symphony of computing prowess orchestrating a symmetrical performance that users can truly appreciate. The smartphone boasts a blistering 3GHz super core, three performance cores clocking at an impressive 2.6GHz, and four clocking at 2GHz.

This super core processor ensures that the device can tackle the most intricate calculations and demanding graphics effortlessly, resulting in an uninterrupted experience.

Built on the latest Android 13 with Pure XOS, this smartphone offers lightning-fast response times, seamless multitasking, and an overall user experience that caters to your needs.

Powerful graphics

Graphics are the window to immersive worlds, and the GT 10 PRO spares no expense in delivering a visual feast.

Central to this visual prowess is the ARM Mali-G77 graphics processor, a first-generation GPU based on the Mali ‘Valhall’ architecture. When combined with the Dimensity 8050 processor, the Mali-G77 forms a formidable partnership, ensuring that every frame, texture, and effect is rendered with unparalleled smoothness and precision during gameplay.

All-sensory game engine

The all-sensory game engine transports you straight into the heart of the action with 4D vibration technology.

Users can feel the rumble of explosions through their fingertips and experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of every in-game moment. For gamers who demand pinpoint precision, the GT 10 PRO comes with a high-precision gyroscope, a technological marvel that lends itself to racing and FPS games.

With it, gamers are able to have control and accuracy that reach unprecedented levels.

Amazing sound system

To further enrich the gaming experience, dual stereo speakers complete the sensory immersion, delivering crisp and immersive audio that envelops you in the sonic tapestry of your game world.

Whether tracking enemy movements by the sound of their footsteps or savouring the nuances of a game’s soundtrack, these speakers ensure every auditory detail is crystal clear, taking your gaming adventure to the next level.

Optimal Gameplay Comfort

The GT 10 PRO is your gateway to gaming nirvana, effortlessly blending smooth gameplay with eye protection features.

With its dazzling 120Hz refresh rate, it breathes life into your games, delivering lifelike graphics and silky-smooth transitions that immerse you in the gaming world.

Moreover, the GT 10 PRO’s ultra-responsive 360Hz touch sampling rate guarantees that every touch and swipe is registered instantly, giving you the upper hand in fast-paced games.

But that’s not all; with TUV certified low blue light solutions and support for 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, users can embark on marathon gaming sessions without worrying about eye strain or discomfort.

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