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Huawei logo
Huawei logo. // photo credit: XiaomiToday

Apple lose crown to Huawei, as Samsung continue to dominate

Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei has surpassed Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone maker in terms of global sales.

The report produced by consulting firm Counterpoint Research, shows that Huawei managed to pull ahead of Apple in June and July this year due to the company’s consistent investment in R&D and manufacturing, as well as aggressive and creative marketing.

Korean tech giant, Samsung has a strong hold on the top sales list  as seen in the graph below.

Sales of global smartphone 2017
Sales comparison of the three main smartphone brands in the world. //Photo credit: Counterpoint



Interestingly, the report by Counterpoint also shows that Huawei does not have any of its smartphones listed in the top ten most sold smartphones globally.

Top smartphone models in 2017
The top ten smartphones sold worldwide. //Photo credit Counterpoint

Counterpoint Senior Analyst, Pavel Naiya added that this is due to Huawei lacking a real ‘hero smartphone’, but gained branding and sales by competing in several different segments, hence attributing to their bigger sales jump.


Counterpoint also predicts Apple will re-claim back their second spot in global sales at the final quarter of the year with the release of Apple’s new iPhone, ensuring a comeback somewhere in September.

This can be true as two of the most sold smartphones are from Apple, with other brands lacking behind in the top ten most sold smartphone list in 2017.

Researchers at Counterpoint also noted that Huawei isn’t strong in countries of South Asian, India, and North American but remain popular in China, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, but this is still not enough to beat Apple as the brand is more visible in all major markets. –