WIKO Buds 10: Preview and Highlights

French brand WIKO recently announced their WIKO Buds 10 for Malaysia, signalling their clear intention to aggressively enter the Malaysian market.

During the launch for Malaysia, Carlson Leong, Deputy Country Director of WIKO Malaysia, said that “the Buds 10 come at a price accessible to all, as they hope to help Malaysians improve their music experience to the next level.”

This post is a preview of the Buds 10.

Buds 10 highlights

The biggest highlights of the earbuds is the 30 hours long battery life which somewhat is able to be fitted in buds that are not only lightweight but comfortable.

According to the company, such comfort comes from the design which allows it to be snug and well-fitted without the fear of it dropping off, into the ear.

The 30 hours long battery life is if the buds is on standby with the case, with playback alone able to last up to 6 hours playback on single charge.

In terms of sound, the Buds 10 adopts 12mm super dynamic drivers with copper-coated aluminium armature that would induce a magical and desirable audio quality when listening to music.

It also features dual-mic noise cancellation which isolates ambient noise from voice calls as well as ensures users can enjoy their music uninterrupted by external sounds.

Last but not least, the WIKO Buds 10 includes an auto-connect feature which automatically pairs the Buds to the paired device once the case is opened.

It uses Bluetooth 5.2 connection and supports latency of as low as 113ms.

WIKO Buds 10 price and Malaysia availability

The earbuds are priced at RM129 and were sold from November 18, 2022.

To buy or learn more about WIKO or the Buds 10, you can check out any of the links below.