vivo V29 now available with HAROMA SIGNATURE collaboration

It seems that the vivo V29 5G First Love is not the only collaboration vivo is having for the V29 as the smartphone now has a special collaboration with local fragrance experts, HAROMA SIGNATURE.

This partnership goes beyond the realms of the digital world as HAROMA SIGNATURE infuses its expertise in creating captivating fragrances to the essence of the vivo V29 5G First Love.

HAROMA SIGNATURE crafted a unique pink scented candle, to be included in the limited edition First Love Advent Calendar by vivo Malaysia.

The scented candle from HAROMA adds a touch of romance to the advent calendar, making moments extraordinary and unforgettable in cooperation with the V29 5G First Love.

According to vivo, the partnership portrays vivo Malaysia’s dedication to creating special experiences with local brands as well as HAROMA’s commitment to quality.

In conjunction with the launch, customers can enjoy the vivo V29 5G First Love at an attractive price that comes with the special edition advent calendar.

Customers will receive a RM100 off the original price for every purchase of the vivo V29 5G First Love 12+256GB priced at RM1799 and receive a special edition First Love Advent Calendar.