vivo shares details about vivo X100 series imaging capabilities

With the vivo X100 series smartphone soon to be released in Malaysia, the brand held a vibrant and enlightening image-sharing session in Beijing.

Here, the General Manager of vivo’s Image Cognition Product Department, Qingliang Tang, shared valuable insights about the imaging capabilities.

According to vivo Malaysia’s ststement which was forwarded to us, vivo’s Imaging Innovation Matrix is a synthesis that rivals professional imaging equipment, teams, and post-production capabilities.

It draws on deep insights into portrait photography, with vivo’s portrait lenses combining a large aperture, image sensors, optical image stabilization, and night scene algorithms to produce captivating portraits against the backdrop of a vast starry sky.

The statement also said that the imaging capabilities enhance the ability of vivo smartphones to perceive and adapt to diverse imaging requirements across various scenarios.

During the session, participants explored the versatile capabilities of the X100 series through live demonstrations, which include its telephoto and portrait features.

The event also highlighted the advantages of the 50mm lens kit, which utilizes various focal lengths including 20mm, 35mm, and 85mm.

In addition to portrait photography, vivo has made major improvements in astrophotography.

The vivo X100 series was announced this month but has not arrived officially in the Malaysian market just yet.