Chief Executive Officer of vivo Malaysia, Mike Xu showcasing the new vivo V7+

V21 and V21e gets SIRIM’s certification

vivo’s latest selfie smartphones, the V21 and V21e, which is scheduled to launch in Malaysia next week have received SIRIM certifications under the device name of V2066 and V2061 respectively.

The news, confirmed by vivo themselves, also notes that both devices come with the best selfie capabilities featuring the industry-leading 44MP OIS front camera and 64MP rear camera. This is said to bring selfie-taking to a new level.

A step up from its predecessor, the V21 also introduces two new functions – the Dual Selfie Spotlight supported by AI Night Portrait algorithm and Spotlight Selfie that reduce noise and capture even the tiniest detail in absolute clarity, helping users achieve clearer, brighter and more beautiful selfies even in the dark.

Both features are the first in its class and promises to give selfie-enthusiasts the freedom to enjoy their moments through the night.

In anticipation of its official debut, vivo Malaysia has also announced Malaysian artist, Mira Filzah as the face of its latest V21 series. Mira, who is the representation of beauty through selfies will also make an appearance at the upcoming launch of the vivo V21 series set to take place this 27th April 2021.