realme Watch S Master Edition to be sold in Malaysia this 8 May

realme had over the weekend announced the realme Watch S Master Edition which is actually the very same watch as the realme Watch S if one was to look under the hood of the watch.

The difference however is that the Watch S Master Edition comes slightly more expensive than the standard version, perhaps due to the ‘Master Edition’ tag which which is a collaboration with South Korean’s Grafflex.

This means you will get two extra straps and exclusive designs if you were to grab the Master Edition.

Specification of the realme Watch S Master Edition

But those aside, expect to have the very same realme smartwatch with the Watch S which is capable of reading your heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.

Likewise, the watch is also connected to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

The watch has a 1.3” screen and can be used in 16 different sports mode.

It also has a 15 day battery life, and has an IP68 water resistant rating.

Price and availability

The Watch S Master Edition will start selling in Malaysia this 8 May.

As mentioned before, it will be priced at RM429, slightly higher than the standard Watch S which comes at RM369.

Those interested can get both the Watch S Master Edition, and the realme Watch S from realme’s official Shopee store, but bear in mind that the Master Edition will only be available after 8 May 2021.