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UMobile RM78 plan
The U Mobile Hero P78 plan

Now unlimited internet cost only RM78/month

The war of who’s offering unlimited internet is on.

Previously, telcos in Malaysia went on a massive war regarding unlimited calls and SMS, and consumers, like myself were the ones who benefited most with postpaid plans (as well as prepaid ones) getting limit-less on most telcos.

Now, Digi has sparked a new war which involves the internet, and if you are with me, you are definitely smiling.

I am not sure when U Mobile decided to release this unlimited internet plan, but their Facebook posting was out on 13 September 2017, and they were indeed not shy to tell that they are copying another telco by offering unlimited internet.

UMobile Hero P78 promo
UMobile Hero P78 promo


To make it even more intense, U Mobile decided to also compare their latest Unlimited Hero P78 plan with other telcos as you can see below.

UMobile Hero P78 comparison
Comparison between telcos, according to their major colour

You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know which telco is which, and of course U Mobile stands out with their unlimited internet quota, lower pricing and 5GB internet roaming in 12 countries.


From what I have learned, the Unlimited Hero P78 plan cost you only RM78 per month, and I use ‘only’ because it is by far the cheapest in the market.  Another telco also offering such low prices is webe (now known as unifi), but even they are more expensive at RM79/month.

The Unlimited Hero P78 also comes with a maximum speeds of 5Mbps, and unlimited high speed internet, with no restrictions what so ever.  Calls an SMS are also unlimited, which is kind of standard for most postpaid packages nowadays.

According to U Mobile’s advert, the only restriction is the 10GB hotspot (commonly known as tethering), which once exhausted, needs to be recharged at additional cost.

The Unlimited Hero P78 plan
The Unlimited Hero P78 plan

In addition to all those goodies, there’s no contract if you sign up for the Unlimited Hero P78 plan, but they did say the unlimited plan has a limit, which is, it is only offered for ‘a limited time only’.


Based on the FAQ I read, only principal lines can register for the Unlimited Hero P78, and you are not allowed to bundle a new smartphone purchase with U Mobile with the plan.

In addition to that, the FAQ also explained that ‘the 10GB for tethering would be deducted from your monthly data allocation’, which made me slightly confused because there’s suppose to be no limit to the data allocation, so there should be no deduction what so ever, right?

U Mobile FAQ
The U Mobile Hero P78 FAQ.

Anyway, I personally feel that the Unlimited Hero P78 is one of the best postpaid plans out there now. – It’s cheaper than the rest, and I can testify that U Mobile’s connection is pretty fast and stable in areas where they have 4G.

However, before you sign up, be sure to check U Mobile’s coverage map because while they do well in areas they cover, they aren’t covering much land just yet. –