Samsung Galaxy Note7
The Samsung Galaxy Note FE, previously known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Non-exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7 coming to Malaysia

Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note7 that exploded last year? Yeah, the one Samsung recalled globally because its battery was exploding bah

Well, Samsung re-furbished these phones and renamed it as the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, but only sold the smartphone in Korea.

However, it seems Samsung will likely sell the Note FE to Malaysia as a poster by YES showed the smartphone listed as an option for purchase.

Phones listed by YES
Samsung Galaxy FE listed on the YES brochure

YES also carries the new Galaxy Note8 but it is likely that the Galaxy Note FE would be a cheaper alternative with an S Pen.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note FE is sold in South Korea for 699,600 KRW, Malaysian buyers could expect a similar price, which is RM2,609.