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HUAWEI Malaysia hints a content creation smartphone tomorrow

HUAWEI Malaysia has hinted that they will be unveiling a new smartphone which will make content creators smile. The new smartphone is expected to be unveiled tomorrow.

Without revealing much, the company said that the new smartphone will have a 108MP camera which will be part of a quad camera set-up.

The company also elaborated that the system will be AI assisted, and it will enjoy vast improvements from previous models.

Aside from that, HUAWEI says that it is bringing creative vlogging experiences by presenting Super Vlog, which offers the convenience to flip between selfie and rear camera flawlessly.

This feature will allow users to get uninterrupted footage in one take.

HUAWEI Malaysia also says the new smartphone will come with a new Dual-View Video feature which will allow users to use both front and rear cameras to record two perspectives at once in a single video. To me this is quite something.

Anyway, if you are interested to see a glimpse of the new smartphone, the video below will show you just that.