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Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited is actually limited

Maxis just recently announced that its new Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited would offer unlimited internet once you purchase the unlimited add-ons.

However, it was reported that the plan actually has a cap, although it is quite huge.

Reports suggest that the so called ‘unlimited internet’ has a 50GB cap per month, hence not exactly being unlimited as claimed by the popular Malaysian telco.

The cap, previously not included in the FAQ of the plan however has been now included with the telco explaining that the plan indeed offers unlimited internet.

However, Maxis in a recent update on the plan’s FAQ explains that the unlimited internet pass will adhere to their Fair Usage Policy, in which caps it at 50GB at the given speed.

Hotlink explains that after the 50GB is utilized, users will still be able to surf and use the internet at throttled speeds.

“Our unlimited Internet with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) ensures that all our customers enjoy a good internet experience on our network.

“The FUP limit varies for each Internet pass – 5GB for daily pass, 15GB for weekly pass and 50GB for monthly passes for high speed internet – based on current usage trends.

“Meanwhile, there is no limit of quota for surfing on reduced speeds. The truly unlimited proposition therefore does not change, and the reduced speed still allows for a good user experience for video streaming on standard definition, social media apps and internet browsing” explained Maxis the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited FAQ.

You can read the updated FAQ on the plan here.