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Alleged images of the Mi Mix 2S

Rumours say the Mi Mix 2S will look like the iPhone X

Everyone knows Xiaomi is trying hard to imitate Apple when it comes to smartphones and computers, but latest 'so called' leaked images of the...
Xiaomi Mi Mix front

SIRIM data shows Mi Mix 2 is coming to Malaysia

When it comes to Xiaomi, it's hard for me to not be excited.  I'm not a huge fan of major brands, and Chinese smartphone...

OUKITEL Mix 2 has better specs & price than Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi is fast becoming a benchmark for new smartphone companies, and it is no wonder when lesser known brands such as OUKITEL decided to...

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – A bezel free smartphone?

Not many know this, but Xioami Mi Mix was the first smartphone to actually come bazel-less last year. The design of the phone, known as...