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MaxisOne Home fibre vs TM Unifi

Home Fibre Internet Comparison: Unifi vs Maxis

So, now that we have two telcos going at each others throat for the home fibre plans in Sarawak, and it only makes sense...
TM Unifi Logo

New Unifi subscribers in Sarawak get free 1 month internet

New unifi customers in Sarawak can enjoy a free one month subscription when they successfully sign up for a new unifi application. The promotion is...
Unifi website

TM’s convergence = UNIFI?

Since last week, Telekom Malaysia (TM) has been abuzz with activities. For me, it started with the re-branding of webe to Unifi on Malaysia Day,...
Webe sim pack

TM to change webe SPN. Bye bye webe?

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has been pushing their mobile arm webe hard in recent months, and the push has been rather extensive in Sabah and...